Monday, July 6th, 2015

Griffin AutoPilot iPhone Charger


The Griffin’s AutoPilot Car Charger for iPhone is a smooth and straightforward power device and distance controller that hooks up with the 12-volt cigarette lighter socket in your car. Its helpful knob allows you to use various functions. The iPhone charger adapter utilizes a line-level output connector to deliver the optimal audio quality from your device to the auxiliary-in connector of your car stereo set. This versatile iPhone charger wraps several features: command of the music, pristine sound via aux-in, and charging your mobile phone.

Car Charger for iPhone - Griffin AutoPilot

AutoPilot iPhone Charger from Griffin

Main Features:

  • Knob for functions control. you controls for Play/Pause and Track Forward/Backward.

  • Hands-Free device

  • Line-level output connector

  • Easy control your music, listen to high quality sound, charge your iPhone


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