Sunday, July 5th, 2015

  XtremeMac Soma sound system is an innovative pyramid-shaped dock that is foldable and therefore more portable. Soma dock has two speakers on both sides. XtremeMac Soma sound system is compatible with iPod, iPhone and iPad and comes with an internal rechargeable battery that provides approximately 34 hours of audio playback on a single charge. […]

  Smart is probably the most appropriate expression to describe the new iHome docking station iA17 from SDI Technologies. The sound system of SDI iHome iA17 puts an end to gloomy mood. The sound station changes its colour according to your settings: favourite colour, slow-fade spectrum, fast-fade spectrum, pulse to music, or no colour. The […]

Undergo elegant and roomy surround sound with the RDP-V20iP portable speaker dock from Sony. Relish unchangingly clear audio reproduction from this pioneering iPod speaker dock, in 360° degrees sound! This smooth, shiny rounded iPod Dock is originally crafted to provide you with ideally balanced wall-to-wall sound wherever your position is in the room.   The […]

Pure has recently announced a Contour, which is an affordable, compact and stylish iPod, iPhone and iPad dock. The Pure Contour iPod/iPhone docking station is a compact and stylish gadget of a high quality. It features powerful and detailed audio, integrated digital radio, as well as a free companion internet radio. The Pure Contour iPod […]

The Philips DLA78405 Music Desktop Charger is an elegant iPhone charger /speaker/ dock for listening to music stored on your iPod in superb stereo sound, as well as an RF display remote to view and manage iPhone around the room. Containing dual woofers and tweeters and an enhanced, low-distortion Class D amp, the Music Desktop […]

Enjoy music with XtremeMac Portable Speaker for iPod, iPhone or iPad, which offers great stereo sound in a small, portable speaker dock. AC adapter or batteries are not required, since the speaker is powered by the docked device. The ultra compact design is lightweight and perfect for travel, and dock connector is protected during transport. […]